Blood Between Lovers


In this second installment of the Eternal Eros Trilogy

A Vampire.  Alone.  Struggles to Validate his Existence. 

Only the Love of a Woman is Worth the
Price of Immortality…

A Vampire fights to survive while being hunted by both his own demons and an underground law enforcement agency… His crime – to love without blood, exposing his existence and that of his kind…

In the late nineteenth century, Dr. Sigmund Freud prescribed Love Without Blood for his vampire patient Bobby Eyre… because blood is the Vampiric Eros for life, love, sexuality, preservation and the only way to cling to his humanity!

More than a hundred years later, Bobby is forced to sire a vampire. His misguided Freudian act – is forbidden by vampiric consciousness and by the demands of self-survival. Yet…

Bobby Eyre turned Dr. Lara West.

His love for this woman could not override his need for immortality. Seven hundred years served only as an appetizer. Eternity spread before him like a feast of infinite proportions.

All-consuming is a Vampire’s passion
When Love defines survival…
All that remains is…  BLOOD BETWEEN LOVERS

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